ETHDenver 2023 #BUIDLathon Track and Bounty Winners

16 min readMar 16, 2023


It is with great excitement and admiration that we extend our warmest congratulations to all of the exceptional ETHDenver 2023 track finalists, celebrity judge favorites, and bounty winners! Your remarkable achievements have surpassed our expectations, and we are in awe of the innovative and inspiring projects that you have brought to life during this year’s event. Your hard work, creativity, and dedication to advancing the Ethereum ecosystem, blockchain, and web3 are truly impressive, and we cannot wait to see what you will accomplish in the future.

Sponsor Payout Details at bottom of story.

2023 Numbers

  • 1,170 #BUIDLers presented projects
  • 359 projects submitted
  • $698,192 sponsor paid bounties (updated 3/28 at 8:23am MST)
  • 95 community judges

Closing Ceremony Video

Round 2: Top 18 Projects

Photos by: Tim Gillies |

Each year, ETHDenver picks five community members to participate in Round 2 of the #BUIDLathon as our celebrity judging panel.

This years celebrity judge panel included:

  • Molly Mackinlay — Head of Engineering and Research at IPFS / Filecoin
  • Sandy Peng — Co-Founder Scroll
  • Griff Green — Co-founder of Giveth, Commons Stack, General Magic, Praise & dappnode.
  • Christopher Gulczynski — CEO — Niche
  • Evan Van Ness — Ethereum OG

Top 5 Celebrity Favorites

Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Molly Mackinlay (IPFS/Filecoin)

Swappy — $1,000
Swappy is a friendly doggo who wants to help you swap tokens using the Squid Router and Axelar. Use natural language and ChatGPT to describe the swaps you want to make, and watch Swappy fetch.

Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Sandy Peng (Scroll)

ZkPoEX — $1,000
zkPoEX (zk proof of exploit) aims to facilitate communication and collaboration between hackers and projects in the DeFi space by enabling hackers to report vulnerabilities in smart contracts while maintaining the confidentiality of the exploit.

Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Griff Green (Giveth, Common Stack, General Magic)

FundPG — $1,000
Funding public goods by allowing individuals to allocate a percentage of their yield to the gitcoin matching pool

Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Evan Van Ness (Ethereum OG)

Bazaark — $1,000
The premier metaverse marketplace for NFT game characters with verifiable attributes. Our unique zero knowledge proof technology ensures that each trade is secure, verifiable, and backed by trustworthy claims about the character’s attributes.

Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Christopher Gulczynski (Niche)

Sesame — $1,000
Sesame is a wallet for emerging markets. It is built to work offline and send transactions via SMS.

Photo by: Chris Ayala |
Photo by: Tim Gillies |

Round 1: Community Judging

In Round 1 of the #BUIDLathon, #BUIDLers showcase their projects to a panel of community judges who possess expertise in various fields, such as technical engineering, smart contracts, business development, UI/UX, legal/compliance, and security. Each judging panel is tasked with reviewing all submitted projects to the track, asking technical questions, and selecting their top three projects based on this year’s judging criteria.

2023 Judging Criteria:

  • Best for Blockchain: How much does this project improve the Blockchain ecosystem (e.g. giving developers better tools, driving adoption, improving the architecture, etc.)?
  • Best User Experience: How easy is it for experts and amateurs to use this product/service?
  • Best Engineering: How impressive is the technical implementation? How well is it engineered?
  • Highest “WOW” Factor: Did this project get you excited? Are you impressed?
  • Most Innovative: How original, creative, novel, and useful is this project?

Top 18 #BUIDLathon Projects

With 359 projects submitted this year, here are the 2023 winners and the judging classes:

Photo by: Tim Gillies | | Photos by: Matt Pangman



[C12] — Bitcoin Vitalik’s Vision (BVV) — $2,500.00

[B10] — Reentrancy Proxy — $2,500.00

[C3] — Swappy — $2,500.00

[B11] — rhinestone — $2,500.00

[Y16] — Slang — $2,500.00

[B3] — Inheritable — $2,500.00


Kacper Bak, James Barry, Adam Bozanich, Mathieu Chanson, Ellen Choi, Bryant Eisenbach, Shayan Eskandari, Graham Friedman, Kosala Hemachandra, Tian Jia, Jason Li, Adrienne Moench, Evgeny Ponomarev, Paul Quigley, Gonçalo Sá, Ulyana Skladchikova, David Sneider, Tushar Soni, Jason Teutsch, Abhinav Vishwa

Photos by: Matt Pangman | Photo by: Tim Gillies |



[G7] — denoted — $5,000.00

[Y2] — GovBlocks — $5,000.00

[H3] — M3MBER — $5,000.00


Yashovardhan Agrawal, Kate Aksay, Alex Bazhanau, Charlie Ellington, Bruno Faviero, Don Ho, Medha Kothari, Michelle Lai, Willy Ogorzaly, Lane Rettig, Victor Rortvedt, Thomas Rush, Wei Li Tan, James Waugh, Jack Yeh, Victor Zhou



[Q1] — zkPoEX — zk Proof of Exploit — $5,000.00

[R7] — Tribe.Credit — $5,000.00

[Q6] — Gasly — $5,000.00


Ashwin Baskaran, Jeff Chen, Abi Dharshan, Shawn Douglass, Adrien Faguet, Boris Jankovic, Brian Ko, Jay McCarthy, Christopher Obereder, Alexander Opeagbe, Uladzislau Radkevich, Madalina Raicu, Madhur Kumar Sharma, Igor Stadnyk, Sam Trautwein, Tiago Varandas, Jakub Wojciechowski, Rodney Yesep

Photos by: Matt Pangman



My Mül — $5,000.00

[AE2] — baZaarK — $5,000.00

[AG5] — Synesthesia — $5,000.00


Cyrus Adkisson, Tor Bair, Dmitriy Berenzon, David Cash, Brian Cho, Ash Egan, Lili Feyerabend, Brian Friel, Roham Gharegozlou, Naveen Jain, BAEK KIM, Priyanka Mathikshara Mathialagan, Agash Navaranjan, Manana Samuseva, Eddie Satterly, Dieter Shirley, Michelle Tsing, Irene Wu, Jeffrey zirlin

Photos by: Matt Pangman | Photo by: Tim Gillies |



[V16] — Sesame — $5,000.00

[AS2] — Krypto Kredit — $5,000.00

[W13] — FundPG — $5,000.00


Usman Asim, Tyler Benster, Alberto Cevallos, Shivam Chaturvedi, Marta Geater-Piekarska, Thor Kamphefner, Eduard Kotysh, Vijay Krishnan, Thessy mehrain, Eric Nakagawa, Christopher Robison, Karen Scarbrough, Pramod Shashidhara, Sarina Siddhanti, Olaf Tomalka, Carl Vogel, Lacey Wisdom, Suji Yan, Eva Zhang


ETHDenver’s #BUIDLathon invites Presenting, Cypher, and Meta Sponsors to participate by providing bounties that can be tackled by 2–4 member #BUIDLing teams. These bounties can involve solving or integrating specific elements into their track project. This year 62 sponsors participated, offering 180 bounties.

Here is the complete list of bounty winners:

Bounty Winners — Presenting Sponsors


Raise utilization of 1inch network fusion protocol through using Fusion API
$5,000.00 [D1] — CrossFuel


Android Development with zkBNB
$10,000.00 [AO4] — zkbnbandroid

Risk Management
$10,000.00 [Q2] — Algo Risk Terminal

$5,000.00 [X8] — Counter Risk Scanner (CRS)


Developer Tooling
$2,500.00 [B14] — Solforge

$1,000.00 [B1] — GuardianUI

👛 Wallet Logic!
$5,000.00 [Z3] — zkJoey Finance

$2,500.00 [B11] — rhinestone


Deploy a decentralized frontend component for ANY Ethereum project or hack

$1,000.00 [AP2] — ABI BOS Widget

$5,000.00 [AJ4] — BosWrap

$1,000.00 [I4] — BOSSED UP

$200.00 [M4] — EthDenver2023UWCA

$1,000.00 [W14] — Atmosph3re

Extensive Developer Profile widget
$1,000.00 [AQ3] — Developer Profile

Fuzzy Search widget
$4,000.00 [Y8] — Near.Social DevGovGigs Improvements bots coded in JS
$4,000.00 [AS1] — JS bot widget

Open Aurora Bounty
$5,000.00 [AM7] — StakingPool Aurora

$500.00 [D6] — Geni

$500.00 [Q4] — Demeter

Post History with Diff widget
$3,000.00 [Y8] — Near.Social DevGovGigs Improvements

Promoted Posts Banner Widget
$4,000.00 [Y8] — Near.Social DevGovGigs Improvements

Top Posts Widget
$2,000.00 [Y8] — Near.Social DevGovGigs Improvements

Verifiable RPC replies
$3,200.00 [AL7] — Near Verifiable RPC Endpoints for Viewing Access Keys


Anything Snaps ?
$3,000.00[A8] Composooor
$2,000.00[A7] — CoinChoice

$1,000.00[D4] — Facade

Security 🔒& Scalability 🌱
$3,000.00[D1] — CrossFuel

$2,000.00[W8] — Crowdwork

Best Multi-Network Deployment using Infura
$2,500.00 Qi Protocol

$2,500.00 [P2] — Revenue-generating Limit Order

Best Use of Ethereum Archive Data

$1,000.00 🕵️‍♀️ DeFi Detective

Best Use of Infura NFT API

$3,000.00 [Q3] — Ape Harmony

$2,000.00 [Y14] — RoyaltyLoyalty

Best Use of Lens Protocol using Infura

$1,000.00 [AW4] — Splash

Best Use of Lens Protocol using Infura
$1,000.00 OpenAsk

Deploy a Dapp on an L2 using Infura and Truffle
$1,000.00 [S8] — World Printer

Deploy your Dapp on Infura with MetaMask and Truffle Dashboard

$1,000.00 [D4] — Facade

Test locally with zero-config forking using Infura’s free archive node access

$1,000.00 [A12] — D-Staker

Use the Truffle React Box to deploy a dapp on Infura

$1,000.00 [C10] — Alice’s Ring


Crypto Retirement
$2,500.00 [AV2] — Regen Retire

Bounty Winners — Cypher Sponsors


Best application built using ComposeDB on Ceramic
$5,000.00 [Y16] — Slang

Best DAO / Community tools built using ComposeDB
$2,000.00 [X4] — BEAD DAO

$2,000.00[AS3] — KYD — Know Your Developer

Best identity or reputation applications built on ComposeDB
$2,000.00 [D3] — EigenList

$2,000.00 [AR7] — IRL Trust

Best knowledge management applications built on ComposeDB
$2,000.00 [G7] — denoted

$2,000.00 [AJ7] — ComposeDB Editor

Best Web3 Social Apps built using ComposeDB

$2,000.00 [G11] — Hack-A-Team

$2,000.00 [D3] — EigenList


Build Web3 Businesses at Scale
$4,000.00[R3] — Sugarcane Finance

Embed Streaming USDC Payments into your App
$5,000.00[R7] — Tribe.Credit

Unlock opportunities with Cross-Chain Transfer Protocol
$2,500.00[G10] — FIGHT CLUB — DAOs Helping Businesses


Covalent Unified API Bounties

$1,000.00[X14] — gelkin

$1,000.00 [M2] — DeFi Pooler

$1,000.00 [C10] — Alice’s Ring

$1,000.00 [E6] — The Whale Wallet

$1,000.00 [G7] — denoted

$1,000.00 [D1] — CrossFuel

$1,000.00 [AV2] — Regen Retire

$1,000.00 [R6] — Toko House

$1,000.00 [R4] — TeleFi

$1,000.00 [AG4] —


Build on Base 🔵
$7,000.00[X9] — Decent AI

$3,000.00[B3] — Inheritable

$5,000.00[B11] — rhinestone


Cypher Onboarding SDK
$5,000.00[AL5] — Mercury Protocol

$2,000.00[W7] — Cognoscenti


Dynamic On-chain dWeb Applications Using web3:// Access Protocol

$500.00[AG3] — Sofamon


Best developer tooling solution for Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM)

$5,000.00 [D6] — Geni

Best developer tooling solution for Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM)

$5,000.00 [E1] — Peanut Protocol

Best project using Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM)

$5,000.00 [AL5] — Mercury Protocol

$5,000.00 [D13] — NFTrout

$1,000.00 [J5] — DAOtributor

Impact & Public Goods: Best use of CO2 Storage

$3,000.00 [Y1] — GNR8

$2,000.00 [AW4] — Splash


Open — Build A Fullstack Dapp on Fuel
$2,500.00 Fuel Bounty Board

Open — Build A Fullstack Dapp on Fuel
$5,000.00 [P5] — Sway Network

Smart Contracts in Sway
$2,000.00 [AV7] — SLOTHS ON THE RUN


Expand and Improve Diamond Blueprinter
$1,000.00 [B11] — rhinestone

Verifiable on-chain randomness
$750.00 [AF1] — Degen Reborn

Summon — Build a Quest
$5,000.00[AM1] — Openstack

$3,000.00 [D2] — Devre.lens

$2,000.00 [AW1] — SmartBet

$1,000.00 [D2] — Devre.lens

$1,000.00 [AM1] — Openstack


Super SAFU — GoPlus API Use

$2,500.00 [E7] — TurtleShell

$2,500.00 [Q2] — Algo Risk Terminal

$2,500.00 [AM2] — PlusBot

$2,500.00 [C2] — Stupid Simple UI — Automagic UIs for Smart Contracts

$2,500.00 [O4] — Petting Bufficorn

$2,500.00 [D10] — MEV NFT — Data Shield

Hedera / Swirldlabs

Sponsor has confirmed there are no winners for their bounties.


Instant User Onboarding with Magic Wallet SDK
$1,000.00 [I6] — CoCreate

$3,000.00 [Y11] —

$1,000.00 [Y6] — MemeSpark


Best Defi/NFT Project on Mantle
$2,000.00 [Y13] — RNGesus

$2,000.00 [R6] — Toko House

$2,000.00 [W7] — Cognoscenti

DAO Tooling on Mantle
$2,000.00 [J2] — DAOmocles

$2,000.00 [J5] — DAOtributor

Developer Infrastructure/tooling on Mantle
$2,000.00 [D14] — NFTUBE

$2,000.00 [Q1] — zkPoEX — zk Proof of Exploit

$2,000.00 [D6] — Geni


Bring Functionality to Metis
$1500 [M3] — Dynamic Stableswap

$1000 [Q3] — Ape Harmony

Neon Labs

Port over Ethereum dApps to Neon-EVM
$2,500.00 NFTUBE

$1,500.00 [M3] — Dynamic Stableswap

$1,000.00 [AK5] — Huffswap


Automatic discovery of defi project detectors
$3,000 🕵️‍♀️ DeFi Detective


Best Use of Polygon
$5,000.00 [J4] — DAO Reaper

Most Useful Web3 Tool
$2,500.00 [B14] — Solforge

Polygon DeFi UX Challenge
$1,000.00[V16] — Sesame

Polygon ID Challenge
$1,000.00 [W4] — Zicket

$1,500.00 Dexter

Polygon NFT Analytics Challenge
$2,500.00 [I5] — ChainBrain


Build on RISC Zero or Integrate RISC Zero into your project
$8,000.00 [Q1] — zkPoEX — zk Proof of Exploit

$7,000.00 [AP1] — zk IP Games


Applied ZK, with a side of Scroll
$1,500.00 [D4] — Facade

$1,500.00 [B2] — Hunter Z Hunter

Deploy your smart contract on Scroll
$1,000.00 [Y13] — RNGesus

$1,000.00 [G3] — Abrey

$1,000.00 My Mül

$1,000.00 [AL5] — Mercury Protocol

$1,000.00 [AP5] — AI Coliseum: NPC Wars

$1,000.00 [M3] — Dynamic Stableswap

$1,000.00 [E1] — Peanut Protocol

$1,000.00 [B11] — rhinestone

$1,000.00 [AH6] — 0xFable

$1,000.00 [A8] — Composooor

Scroll ♥ Lens | Cross-chain Decentralized Social Media
$1,500.00 [AF3] — L’s with Frens

$1,500.00 [AG4] —

SSV Network

Build a Staking Pool
$3,000.00 [A12] — D-Staker

$2,000.00[AW6] — SSVStakingPool


Sponsor has not yet confirmed winners for their bounties.


Web3Modal Creative Challenge
$2,500.00 [R4] — TeleFi

Web3Modal Creative Challenge
$1,500.00 [Z3] — zkJoey Finance

Web3Modal DeFi Challenge: Making Bank (Without the Banks)
$2,500.00 [R4] — TeleFi

$1,500.00 [AV2] — Regen Retire

$1,000.00 [O1] — Omnia Protocol

Web3Modal Theming Challenge

$2,500.00 [O1] — Omnia Protocol

$1,500.00 [C2] — Stupid Simple UI — Automagic UIs for Smart Contracts

$1,000.00 [Y14] — RoyaltyLoyalty

Bounty Winners — Meta Sponsors


0x Labs: Build Token Swaps with 0x Swap API
$2,500.00[AV4] — RIKO

$3,000.00[A7] — CoinChoice

$1,500.00[AS6] — LiquidEase


Delegate Voting for Aragon DAOs
$3,000.00[J3] — DAOmocracy

Notifications for Aragon DAO events
$4,000.00[G6] — DAyOri


Prize for using Axelar GMP for sending Interchain Messages / Tokens
$7,500.00[M2] — DeFi Pooler

$6,000.00[X7] — ChatGTP

$5,000.00[R3] — Sugarcane Finance

$4,000.00[C3] — Swappy

$2,500.00[D1] — CrossFuel


Building DApps using Cartesi Rollups
$3,000[AT3] — NEX

$2,000 [A13] — Dual Roolup ZK Opt

$1,000 [I3] — arcoIRIS

$1,000 AI-Based Discovery Service for Lens


Chainlink Functions

$2,000.00[V10] — LensScholar

$2,000.00[J4] — DAO Reaper

$2,000.00[C1] — Stork

$2,000.00[K1] — Lens Goal

$2,000.00[G10] — FIGHT CLUB — DAOs Helping Businesses

Connect the world with Chainlink

$2,000.00[AI2] — Bufficorn Racer

$2,000.00[O3] — Optino

$2,000.00 [N1] — Factorial

$2,000.00[AW2] — Smart Bet

$2,000.00[AH2] — Polygon NFT Raffle

Build Your First MiniApp for the Collab.Land Marketplace
$5,000 [H6] — QuestGPT


Sponsor has confirmed that no submission to their bounties successfully met their judging and bounty criteria.


Decentralized Frontend Hosting for DAOs
$5,000.00[G4] — CreatePlus


BUIDL on Fireblocks
$5,000.00[A7] — CoinChoice

$2,500.00[B2] — Hunter Z Hunter

$2,500.00[Q2] — Algo Risk Terminal

$1,000.00[E4] — Storeal


Improve fRPC Substrate
$3,000.00[A2] — BetteRPC

Use fRPC to connect your dApp to Blockchain
$1,000.00[A2] — BetteRPC

$1,000.00 Joyshare

$1,000.00[O2] — Optimum

$1,000.00[A12] — D-Staker

$1,000.00[A7] — CoinChoice


A credit line for every wallet

$2,500.00 [Z3] — zkJoey Finance

$5,000.00 [AS2] — Krypto Kredit

$1,500.00[B11] — rhinestone

$2,500.00[AR7] — IRL Trust

Build new signal adapters
$2,000.00[AK7] — Lending2to3

$1,000.00[G10] — FIGHT CLUB — DAOs Helping Businesses

Enable Huma with a new payment network or payroll provider
$2,500.00[Z3] — zkJoey Finance

$2,500.00[R7] — Tribe.Credit

Launch a real-world lending use case on Huma

$2,500.00[AG2] — SalusMint

$1,000.00[S5] — Vouch Finance

Tell the future of HUMAnity Story

$1,000.00[AR3] — GitCredit


Integrating INTU Advanced Accounts for End-users

$1,000.00 [H4] — Manda

$1,000.00[S10] — YielDex

Unlock new potential using INTU’s Account Infrastructure
$2,000.00[H4] — Manda


Best Lens app

$7,000.00 [AR6] — Hoooks

$5,000.00[Y9] — Palm

$3,000.00[V3] — Dragverse

Integrate Lens

$1,000.00[AF3] — L’s with Frens

$1,000.00[V10] — LensScholar

$1,000.00[Y14] — RoyaltyLoyalty

$1,000.00[AG4] —

$1,000.00[G7] — denoted

$1,000.00[AS3] — KYD — Know Your Developer

$1,000.00[K1] — Lens Goal

$1,000.00 OpenAsk

$1,000.00[AW4] — Splash

$1,000.00[K2] — Liberate


Use a GMP Protocol to Remotely Call a Contract

$4,000.00[C3] — Swappy

$4,000.00[AT5] — Okay Relay

$1,000.00[X7] — ChatGTP

$1,000.00[A9] — CrossChain Randomness


OpenZeppelin Defender Integration

$1,000.00[C1] — Stork

$6,000.00[T2] — Honey-DAPP

$3,000.00[D1] — CrossFuel


Create a Developer Tool for the AttestationStation
$4,844.00[AQ7] — Escher Fanboyz

$2,718.00[B4] — Karma3 Trustmaze — On-chain Rankings and Reputation using attestations and Eigentrust

$1,167.00[B14] — Solforge

$1,167.00[N4] — Lumen

Create an AttestationStation App
$4,844.00[R10] — TrustSight

$2,718.00[N4] — Lumen

$1,167.00[B4] — Karma3 Trustmaze — On-chain Rankings and Reputation using attestations and Eigentrust

$1,167.00[K7] — PLAYDAO

$1,000.00[AQ7] — Escher Fanboyz

$1,000.00[B4] — Karma3 Trustmaze — On-chain Rankings and Reputation using attestations and Eigentrust

$1,000.00[V4] — Emergence: A Kinetic Sculpture


Sponsor has confirmed there are no winners for their bounties.


Build on Pocket Network
$340.90[G6] — DAyOri

$340.90[X3] — Bandit Club

$340.90[D10] — MEV NFT — Data Shield

$340.90[X4] — BEAD DAO

$340.90[C14] — Blockhead: ETHDenver 2023

$340.90[X14] — gelkin

$340.90🕵️‍♀️ DeFi Detective

$340.90[E1] — Peanut Protocol

$340.90[Y14] — RoyaltyLoyalty

$340.90[AW5] — Squirrly

$340.90[AQ4] — Diatomix

Improve the Ethereum RPC Layer
$6,000.00[B12] — RPC Aggregator

Quai Network

Build an NFT Project on Quai Network!
$500.00[G1] — -2

Spectral’s Bounty
$8,000.00[R8] — trident

$5,000.00[Z3] — zkJoey Finance

$1,000.00[E9] — Diing

$1,000.00[S5] — Vouch Finance


Best use of Sign-In with Ethereum using SSX and ENS
$1,000.00 [AU5] — Proof of Nurse

$1,000.00 [Q4] — Demeter

Extend SSX’s Availability
$2,000.00 [AU5] — Proof of Nurse


Sponsor has confirmed no winners for their bounties.


Best Social Integration with Tally API Data
$2,000.00[R8] — trident

Most creative overall use of Tally API Data
$3,000.00[G7] — denoted


Using Tellor
$1,000.00[D11] — Mole Network


Integrate Tenderly Web3 Gateway
$1,000.00[W7] — Cognoscenti

$1,000.00[B11] — rhinestone

$1,000.00[A12] — D-Staker

Tenderly Simulation API Integration
$2,000.00[D1] — CrossFuel

$2,000.00[C6] — W41337

$2,000.00[A7] — CoinChoice

The Graph

Best new subgraph(s)
$2,500.00[AU7] — raeda

$1,200.00[AP7] — BlockCrawlers

$1,800.00[X5] — BluebirdSwap

Best Use of Existing Subgraph(s)

$1,500.00[I5] — ChainBrain

$2,000.00[H3] — M3MBER

$1,000.00[Y3] — Janka Score

Thesis (Tally Ho!)

Sponsor has determined that no submission met their judging criteria and have awarded no winners.


Create your best Threshold content ideas!
$1,000.00[R5] — Threshold

Help us name our Conditions-Based Decryption product
$1,000.00[R5] — Threshold

Threshold tBTC activity notification bot
$1,500.00[AN2] — tBTC monitor


Build with Web3Auth

$1,000.00[AS2] — Krypto Kredit

$1,000.00[AV4] — RIKO

$1,000.00 [AG3] — Sofamon

$1,000.00 [G7] — denoted

$1,000.00 [J11] — LabsDAO

$1,000.00 [AS3] — KYD — Know Your Developer


zkBob Bounty
$5,000.00 [C10] — Alice’s Ring

$2,500.00[R1] — STACKS

$2,500.00 [H7] — Talent Pay

Bounty Winners — Partners


Changing Climate Change with web3
$1,500.00 [W9] — DECEnergy

Design a blockchain product for low-income populations facing financial emergencies.
$1,000.00 [R7] — Tribe.Credit

Donation Legos
$1,500.00 [W13] — FundPG

Impacting Homelessness
$2,500.00 [W14] — Atmosph3re

Quantifying the Qualitative Impact
$2,000.00 [V8] — ImpactGPT


Build your ETH Denver project using the Liquality SDK
$1,000.00 [AG6] — XR NFTs

$1,000.00 [C14] — Blockhead: ETHDenver 2023

Track & Bounty Payments (Updated 5/11)

ETHDenver Track Prizes for 2023 are paid through OpenQ. Teams that placed in the Top 18, will receive emails from ETHDenver on how to claim their prizes via OpenQ on Friday, March 17th.

Most Sponsor Bounty Prizes will be paid by ETHDenver through OpenQ. Some Sponsor Bounty Prizes will be paid by the Sponsors directly. Each sponsor that participated in the #BUIDLathon had the opportunity to choose.

All sponsor bounties are funded by the sponsor.
All track prizes are funded by ETHDenver/SporkDAO

Sponsors who have funded their bounties and are paying using OpenQ:

(beginning of list)

0x Labs
AAVE/LENS Protocol
Consensys Software Inc (Metamask / Infura)
Cow Swap
Cypher Wallet
ETHDenver / SporkDAO
Fluence Labs
Fuel Labs
Game 7
Huma Finance
Magic Labs
Mantle (Windranger Labs)
NEAR (Proximity)
Open Zeppelin
Orchid Labs
Pocket Network Inc
Quai Network
Spectral Finance
Swirlds Labs / Hash
Tally Ho (Taho)
Tenderly Technologies
Wallet Connect
zkSync (Matter Labs)

Sponsor Responsible Payout
Sponsor has communicated they are responsible for paying their bounties and have started communicating with their winners

Protocol Labs/IPFS
Neon Labs




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